The Sunday Times (UK): Microtrendies are taking over world

Microtrendies are taking over world

ARE you a geek, obsessed with the latest gadgets, yet consider yourself cool and have hundreds of friends? An extreme commuter, whose long journey is turbocharging the caffeine industry? A single woman, who is surprised to be on the shelf but has lots of gay friends? Or a Lat, part of a couple who “live apart together” in separate households?

If so you are part of a microtrend with the power to shape society, according to the polling guru Mark Penn.

CIO: Survey Says Geeks are Cool

Survey Says: Geeks Are Cool

A forthcoming book by Mark J. Penn, the CEO of PR heavyweight Burson-Marsteller, proposes that – are you ready? – geeks are not antisocial losers.

According to his polling about social trends, which he
relates in Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes, the most enthusiastic technology users also love a good party and enjoy talking to other people.