Fox Business : Mark Penn on Post-Election Analysis

Mark Penn on post-election analysis and what’s next for the Democratic Party.

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Mark Penn discusses key constituencies and electoral map strategies prior to the election.

Mark Penn on Fox Business with Post Debate Analysis

Mark Penn on Fox Business with analysis following the First Presidential Debate and the candidates economic policies.

Fox Business: Mark Penn on Recent Campaign News

Mark Penn on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo discussing recent campaign news heading into the debates.

Fox Business: Is the email scandal over, or will it continue to weigh on Clinton?

Mark Penn, 2008 Chief Campaign Strategist for Hillary Clinton, with the latest on the 2016 presidential campaign trail.

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Mark Penn discusses the Democratic National Convention with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News.

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Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Chief Campaign Strategist, on Hillary Clinton’s political career and presidential nomination.

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From the viewpoint of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Mark Penn joined The Atlantic’s Washington Editor at Large, Steve Clemons for an in depth conversation on the state of the race and the many issues facing the country.

Mark Penn discusses public opinion polling at the Graduate School of Political Management

Mark Penn, former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton, discusses public opinion polling and its role in presidential decision making with senior officials from the Clinton and George W. Bush White Houses.

CNN: Who are the Soccer Moms of 2012?

Do independent women voters elect presidents? Democratic strategist Mark Penn and Republican strategist Linda DiVall assess who the “soccer moms” of 2012 are.

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