MSNBC: Mark Penn Explains Recession Microtrends on Morning Joe

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Strategist Mark Penn discusses how unprepared the US is for the newly unemployed masses

Wall Street Journal Microtrends Column: Laid-Off Lawyers and Other Professionals

Wall Street Journal Microtrends Column
From The Wall Street Journal Microtrends Column
Published March 2, 2009

With all the concern about America’s manufacturing sector losing jobs, it is easy to miss that the newest phenomenon is the wholesale loss of professional jobs, the very jobs that fueled America’s economic resurgence and political realignment over the last decade.

America has been losing manufacturing jobs for decades. The rest of the world has, too, including China, mostly because automation has made manufacturing more efficient. In the meantime, we have had huge growth in America’s professional class: engineers, software writers, lawyers, doctors — even licensed massage therapists.

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