Mark Penn discusses the outlook for the Midterm elections on Bloomberg’s “InBusiness” [VIDEO]

Mark Penn talks about the outlook for the U.S. midterm elections and the challenges that may face President Barack Obama if Republicans hold a majority in Congress. Penn speaks with Margaret Brennan on Bloomberg Television’s “InBusiness.”

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Mark Penn and Karen Hughes discuss the key trends of the 2010 Midterm Elections at George Washington University [VIDEO]

Political strategists Mark Penn and Karen Hughes spoke about the 2010 midterm election campaign, prospects for a Republican takeover in Congress, key races in various parts of the country, and significant national issues in the elections. They also responded to questions from the audience.

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Politico: Poll: Surprising demand for immigration reform, says Mark Penn

August 15, 2010

It’s not news in this poll that Congress receives poor marks for its overall performance, given the state of the national economy, but what is a surprise is that solid majorities of the public and overwhelming majorities of DC elites want some kind of comprehensive immigration legislation passed now.

The scarcity of jobs, the growth of the Latino vote and the legislation in Arizona have all contributed to creating an atmosphere in which the public says that progress on this issue is overdue.

View the full results from Penn Schoen Berland’s poll, the second of six in Politico’s “Power and the People” poll series

Fifty-nine percent of the general population wants to see action on meaningful reform and so do 76 percent of DC elites. More notable in today’s partisan climate is that reform gets the nod from Democrats and independents in equal measure (61 percent of both think Congress should “pass comprehensive immigration law guidelines now”) and that 59 percent of Republicans agree as well.

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